Short Term/ Non-ACA Health Insurance

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  • If you find yourself in need of health insurance because:
  • If you do not have a qualifying event and have missed the annual open enrollment you can still purchase a temporary plan to bridge the gap in coverage.
  • You changed employment
  • You may be able to fill a gap in your major medical coverage due to Obamacare
  • You need proof of insurance for a short term need?
  • You have a gap until Medicare begins.

You may want to consider a short term policy for:
-Affordable rates
-Compared to other plans, short-term insurance can have low, affordable premiums.
-Peace of mind
-A short-term health plan can help you bridge a coverage gap.
-Quick approval
-Flexible terms
-Short-term plans can cover you for any period from 30 days up to 12 months (utilizing multiple plans).
-Coverage until your new plan starts
-Are you covered until your new plan starts? This would be a need for a short-term policy.

Contact our office to find the best plan for you at
1-800-281-8783 or
Please note that short-term medical insurance (not considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act so insured may still be subject to tax penalty) is not guaranteed-issue and is designed for people who are without health insurance and are waiting for permanent major medical insurance coverage.

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