Special Open Enrollment: Small Groups

Special Annual Open Enrollment for Small Groups




As a small business (fewer than 50 employees) there is no mandate to offer health insurance!

Employers do not offer insurance because:

  • Employer share of the cost is too high.
  • Employees will not participate.
  • Cannot meet minimum participation percentage required if employees are asked to share in the cost of the insurance.

For small employers only:

This is a Special Open Enrollment period for small groups with 2 50 employees.

If you enroll your group between November 15th and December 15th for a January 1st effective date.

  • No Participation Requirements
  • No Employer Contribution Requirements
  • Full Provider Networks, not the limited networks that individual plans have

If you own a business with employees on your payroll you can establish a group plan.

Why would you do this?:

  • Ability to offer benefits at a cost you determine (you select the amount, if any, the employer will pay toward the employee premium).
  • No preset participation requirements (as long as you enroll 2 or more employees, the insurance company accepts the group. No 75% or 50% required participation).
  • No costly required minimum employer contribution to the premium.
  • Access to the more robust group provider networks compared to the networks available to individual plans.

Call us to assist you with this annual opportunity to establish group coverage for you and your employees.